About 2 Saints

Hi, my name is Rick St. Angelo and I am the founder and owner of 2 Saints, Inc™. My company, I believe, has one of the more interesting beginnings. After spending 13 years working in a well-known family costume jewelry business, we suddenly and abruptly decided to close our company. Anxious and directionless for more than a year and trying to figure which direction to go in next; that interesting beginning came on a date in American history that will forever standout in the minds of most people around the world which was September 11, 2001.

On that day, standing in front of a television, I watched the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in NYC get hit by two commercial planes and like most people, my heart sank to a sadness I hope never to recall. Soon after watching the towers fall we were told that it was a terrorist attack on our country and my emotions quickly changed from sadness to anger, then from anger to an overwhelming sense of Patriotism! That Patriotism immediately led me to start producing Flag Pins……yup, Flag Pins! 9/11 is how my company was born! I was proud to produce our flag in so many variations and watch the patriotism in this great country blossom and thankfully, something good transpired from something so tragic.

Then What?

In the years following, using whatever profit we made from the Flag Pins (and a few loans), we designed, developed, manufactured and sold a collection of high-end Home and Gift Accessories. Using the experience from my family costume Jewelry business, we domestically manufactured a unique collection of Stemware and Serveware pieces under my company's name 2 Saints™. My brand got recognized quickly and it was initially very well received but like most businesses that try growing their business organically in a price driven world, the pressure to sell and compete against more established brands proved to be much too costly. After struggling for 5 years to make ends meet, we made the decision to move the manufacturing to China. After meeting a local agent in Rhode Island, in 2006 I made my first trip to China and thankfully that started me on a journey that preserved my company and allowed me to design, compete and produce product that I was proud to put my 2 Saints™ brand on. The 2 Saints™ name was once again seen on a massive collection of Harvest and Christmas products in a wide variety of retailers. We also have a few other trade names such as "LuLu™ by 2 Saints™" which is a large collection of novelty painted glassware and tabletop items, "Indulge™ by 2 Saints™" bath accessories and now the "The Original Standing Stocking™ by 2 Saints™" which is patent pending. We were very fortunate and very grateful to sell into stores both domestically and internationally such as Home Goods, TJ Maxx, TK Maxx, Marshalls, Home Sense, Stein Mart, Chico’s, Fortune Off, Saks 5th Avenue, Pottery Barn, Disney and a wide variety of Interior Decorators and Mom and Pop stores, all of which I could never thank enough.

Chapter 3

The Original Standing Stocking™

Now it's 2019, and the pressure to compete is on once again! It's time for the next chapter of 2 Saints™ and that chapter starts with my first real e-commerce website to showcase my newest and most exciting innovation; The Original Standing Stocking™! I do hope to eventually produce most of my best selling items from 2 Saints™, LuLu™ and Indulge™ in the near future so you will be able to see all those great items once again!

So what should you expect to see from 2 Saints™ now?

Well, since 2001 my motto has always been……"I take the ordinary and make it extraordinary" and I sincerely hope you will see that by looking through our products. But keep in mind that now we plan to offer you those and many new items we designed and will continue to design at pricing direct from maker with no middle man!

So what's with the Name?

I am all too often asked two questions about my company. The first question is how did you come up with the name and the second is who is the other Saint? The answers are not as profound as I'd like but the first answer is my last name is Saint (St.) Angelo (Sant'Angelo in Italian) and the second answer is I was originally opening it with another family member but that never materialized and 1 Saint just didn’t cut it. Since so many people loved the name, I decided to just run with it and I'm so very glad I did because my Dad, my mentor, is gone now and I couldn't imagine a better way to always remember him. He is and always will be the other Saint.